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Alta Eficacia Tecnologia

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Company Profile:
Our mission is to foster the industrial development of the Biometric research performed by Dr Celia Sánchez-Ramos’s team.
Our passion is vision research. All our products are the result of expert knowledge of the visual system; their purpose is preventive and they can be universally used. Our pledge is to develop methods and applications that enhance people’s quality of life.
Our challenge is to act as a tool for transferring knowledge from University to Society through business practice.

Corneal Biometric Identification System

What we offer:
Corneal analysis is an improvement over other previous biometric techniques, since it makes it possible to observe the difficult-to-treat internal and external sides of the cornea and is easily recorded thanks to the fact that it is a transparent surface.
The system is based on taking an image of the second dioptre, back or internal side of the cornea, with the purpose of determining the individual characteristics and features of each subject. This recording is feasible due to the transparency of this structure accessible to the eye.
The Corneal Biometric Identification System makes it possible to authenticate and identity people, by means of a universal method that is harmless and non-invasive.

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Ms Carmen Lozano

Business Development Director

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