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Tzeelon 11,
ZIP Code
Nir Zvi

Company Profile:
ISDS Ltd. is a security consultant and integrator in areas such as Homeland security (HLS), Maritime and Aviation, Infrastructure, Mega-Events Security, and Safe Cities.

Since 1982, ISDS has been planning, developing, integrating, operating, and providing integrated solutions for complex security projects.

One area of expertise is in security technology. ISDS Ltd. has an established relation with a wide range of technology and equipment suppliers that enables clients effective access to Cutting Edge security technology.

ISDS provides the technology, the skills, and knowledge necessary to apply it effectively.

ISDS also works in the planning, implementation, and operational readiness of safe city projects. Solutions include the development of security command models, setup, and function frameworks to meet specific needs for security operation.

Solutions include crucial aspects of the security concept: personnel, technology, procedures, training, simulations.

Additionally, ISDS develops Emergency and Recovery programs, Crime Prevention Solutions, Plan Coordination and concept of operation.

ISDS Ltd. develops and provides targeted integrated security solutions to meet clients’ needs and demands.

Cutting Edge Security Consultancy Services

What we offer:
A worldwide influential, sophisticated security consultant and integrator in areas such as Homeland security (HLS), Defense, Maritime and Aviation security, Infrastructure, Multi-National Enterprises and the security of Mega-Events.
With a record dating back to 1982 in planning, developing, integrating and operating large scale security projects in versatile environment, ISDS provides an integrated solution for security projects of high complexity.
ISDS is registered and certified by the Israeli M.O.D., and operates according to the Israeli M.O.D. guide lines and regulations.

What we are looking for:
ISDS participated in all areas of security projects: ISDS secured the Mega Sport Events, like the Olympic Games and the World Cup, International Expos, and Music Events. Additionally, ISDS provides integrated solutions to secure Critical Infrastructures in areas of Oil, Gas, Mining, Transportation, Airports-TSA, Sea-Ports - IMO, Communication, Water Supply and Electric Energy, among others. Our unique solutions include National and International Law Enforcement. ISDS is a security consultant and intelligence provider to some of the most famous Anti-Terror Units, Intelligence Agencies, Defense and Police Forces, as well as private organizations.

  • Traffic & Transport Security
  • Security against Terrorism
  • Defence


Mr President Leo Gleser

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