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Communication Multirate Systems and Biodemical Engineering Research Group (2)-Alcalá University

Campus Universitario, Edificio Politécnico, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
The research group focuses its scientific research in the design and implementation o various decomposition techniques sub-band signals for processing, coding and transmission using multicarrier systems.
It consists of 8 full-time doctoral researchers and 6 being training. The ability of the group is shown in the 14 competitive projects with public funding, also having a clear intention to transfer results as evidenced by 3 patents that have been granted.

Optical systems and software for experimental stress/strain analysis

What we offer:
The group has experience and offers the following techniques for experimental stress analysis:
- Photoelasticity. This technique allows measure the difference of the principal stresses and is widely used in any stress analysis laboratory. We offer solutions and robust software for processing photoelastic fringe patterns.
- Digital image correlation (DIC). This technique is also widely used for measure full field displacements (of every surface element) of deformable objects. The strain map is obtained from the derivations of these displacements. Commercial DIC systems are very expensive; we offer alternative house-made software and the wais for using this technique.
- Fringe projection. Used for measuring full field out of plane displacements. No strain map is obtained with this technique but in combination with CDI-2D allows an alternative simple and cheap way for measuring 3D-displacements.
In general, we have the knowledge and, in some case, the experience in apply any optical measurement method as well as the necessary image processing techniques used for practically any experimental stress analysis method.

What we are looking for:
The group is looking for companies or research institutions interested in technical co-operation, commercial agreements and collaboration in research projects related to optical measurement techniques. This collaboration can be concretized through license agreements, research contracts or technical consultancy about the new technology integration.


Mr Philip Siegmann

Professor/Researcher from the Signal Theory and Commputing Department
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