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Biomedical Engineering Research Group-Alcalá University

Campus Universitario, Edificio Politécnico, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
The biomedical engineering research group of Alcalá University is a multidisciplinary research team with proven experience in technological systems related to human health,
virtual surgery and telemedicine systems using wireless, or the development of electronic biomedical instrumentation and therapeutic instrumentation, diagnostic, electronic prosthetics, FES, implantable electronic devices
, etc..,
The ultimate goal of this group is the use of knowledge in biomedical engineering to meet the needs of society in health, better
quality of life and through virtual reality models find progress in the
field of minimally invasive surgery.

Biomedical Engineering

What we offer:
The Research Group in Biomedical Engineering focuses on the following lines:

• Monitoring of physiological variables (ECG, EEG, EMG, etc.) of a person in a non-invasive way with local processing and transmission using different wireless technologies (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc).
• Hardware development of implantable systems, able to real-time processing and wireless communications.
• Telemedicine in different settings: home, field, hostile environments, etc..
• Virtual reality tactile sensation.

What we are looking for:
The group is looking for companies or research institutions interested in technical co-operation, commercial agreements and collaboration in research projects related to the above research lines. This collaboration can be concretized through license agreements, research contracts or technical consultancy about the new technology integration.

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Mr Luciano Boquete Vázquez

Professor / Researcher from the Electronic Department
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