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Naevatec - Kurento

C/ Chile 10, Oficina 11
ZIP Code
Las Rozas de Madrid

Company Profile:
Naevatec is a technological SME specialized in innovative solutions in the area of Next Generation Networks. Naevatec was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs and it is physically located at Las Rozas, to the north of Madrid. Their current clients are mainly telecommunication operators and other industries wishing to enjoy cheap live video capabilities. Recently, Naevatec has participated in the provision of live video solutions for 112 emergency services on several Spanish regions.

Kurento: mobile video technology

What we offer:
Kurento provides an open platform for video streaming based on standards. This platform has several elements, which provide solutions to the requirements of most streaming application developers. These include:

Kurento Media Server (KMS). A ful featured media server providing conversational video.

Kurento Android SDK (KAS). An SDK allowing easy integration of live video streaming into any kind of Android device.

Kurento Media Framework (KMF). An API providing the required abstraction for creating and managing conferences, calls and groups. The most simple way of creating rich video call applications.

Kurento Web Manager (KWM). An web API based on AJAX enabling the creation of full featured web video manager applications.

What we are looking for:
Users wishing to provide cheap live video capabilities to commands and operational forces. Groups can be managed through our supervisor application KWM, which can define what users are allowed to send or receive video, who recieves what video, etc.

Security users, from policemen to private security forces, which can use our technology to coordinate by reporting live video to their control centers and receiving live video from other users. They can also enjoy our recording capabilities to generate proofs for further analysis.

e-health users. With Kurento technology users can contact emergency servicies through high-quality live video suitable for carrying out fast diagnosis.

System integrators wishing to develop applications using Kurento technology.

  • Computer Security


Mr Dr Luis Lopez


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