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PESI Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

C/ Leonardo da Vinci, 11 (Tecnalia, P.T. Álava)
ZIP Code
Miñano (Álava)

Company Profile:
PESI, the Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety, is a key member of ETPIS (European Platform), approved by the European Commission.
PESI and the rest of European Platforms share a global integrated vision on Industrial Safety and Security, which common approach has been deployed through the operational areas:
- Industrial safety (products, installations, processes…)
- Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)
- Environmental safety
- Corporate security & critical infrastructures protection
And covered by the different focussed working groups
• Risk assessment and management methods
• Advanced risk reduction technologies
• Structural safety
• Human and organisational factors
• Emerging risks and Nano-safety
• Technologies for Corporate Security (cybersecurity, infrastructure protection, business continuity)
• Safe transportation of dangerous goods
• Education, training & transfer to industry, …
These are defining new research topics, looking for innovative project ideas and developing consortiums to take part in the European Programmes. Our Website: .

PESI is a non-profit Association, formed by around 300 agents and fully led by Spanish Industry. We support our members (Corps & SME, industry associations, research centres and universities) in taking part in any call related to FP7, offer technical advice to develop project proposals, help to build consortiums and facilitate the contact with the European Commission Officers. The Spanish National Contact for FP7 Programme, CDTI, supports the International Innovation Unit (European projects Office) at PESI. Furthermore, as coordinator of the Network of National European Technology Platforms on Industrial Safety (NTPIS), PESI offers a unique opportunity to help companies to improve the quality of their consortiums by searching the best partners. PESI itself could participate in R&D projects for dissemination and communication tasks, so as to set up sectoral challenges and other technology and legal requirements.
PESI, on behalf of ETPIS, is leading the “SafeFuture” initiative (Safe-Infrastructures, Safe-Energy, Safe-Production) to the European Commission and its R&D programme Horizon-2020

R&D on Safety and Security for Industry

What we offer:
• Risk assessment and management methods
• Smart working environments
• Advanced PPE (Personal protection equipment)
• Advanced risks reduction technologies (sensors, materials, systems, life-time modelling...)
• Structural safety and inspection technologies
• Human and organisational factors (ageing at workplace)
• Emerging risks and Nano-safety
• Technologies for Corporate Security (cibersecurity, SCADA, infrastructures protection, business continuity)
• Safety transportation of dangerous goods
• Education, training & transfer to industry

What we are looking for:
PESI is looking for innovative companies (industry, engineering, consultancy) so as research specialists.
Main industry sectors: Manufacturing, Chemistry, Iron-steel, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Utilities, ICT and electronics, Transport, Engineering, Safety and Security

  • Fire Prevention, Detection & Extinction
  • Traffic & Transport Security
  • Natural Risks Control
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Computer Security
  • Security against Terrorism
  • Emergencies



Secretary General

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