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Micromag 2000 SL

José Echegaray, 8
ZIP Code
Las Rozas de Madrid

Company Profile:
Micromag is an R+D 100% Spanish focused on the development of new magnetic materials applications in Defense and Civil markets, both domestically and internationally.
His team of technicians, engineers and PhD is formed by a highly qualified and specialized in electromagnetism and telecommunications, focusing on developing solutions for the needs of specific sectors (perimeter security, new generation of Radar Absorbing Materials, sensing ...)

Secrurity Systems based on Micromag electromagnetic technology.

What we offer:
Micromag offers an experience of over 10 years providing new development based on technological innovation and new materials developed in-house environment, for which has its own manufacturing facilities of materials, characterization and testing laboratories. The result of this development is an own patent portfolio. At meetings of SICUR 2012 presents three proposed developments:
- Perimeter security system: based on a smart sensing films, which can be integrated as constructive or mobile elements.
- Coding system: coded labels designed to work on vehicles, bringing a new technology solution based on high frequency electromagnetic absorption
- ID System: System based on ferromagnetic phenomenon, which identifies the presence of tiny filaments embedded in different materials

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies dedicated to security market interested in solutions for perimetral protection, as well other interesting systems relative to identification products to solve forging problems or coding systems.

  • Traffic & Transport Security
  • Natural Risks Control
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Security against Terrorism
  • Emergencies
  • Defence


Ms Rocío San Román Alonso

Civil Market Manager
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