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CENTUM Solutions

C/labastida 13, 3rd floor
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Company Profile:
CENTUM is an innovative engineering that operates in several sectors of activity: Aeronautic, Space, Defense and Telecommunications. CENTUM is established in Getafe, Madrid, Vigo and São Paulo.

The scope of activity of CENTUM ranges from expert advice to tailored products and turnover solutions in the following areas:

•Safety Critical/Real Time Software (DO-178B)
•Secure Communications and Tactical Data Links (TDLs)
•Critical Control Systems
•UAV Payloads
•Mission Systems

Aerial Communication Systems: Life Locator, Tactical Communications based on SDR technology and Video Authentication solutions.

What we offer:
CENTUM presents its last innovations:

LIFESEEKER is a base transceiver station placed on the aerial platform to geolocalize mobile terminals and establish communications (voice calls and SMS) on areas without coverage. The main applications for LIFESEEKER are Search-And-Rescue (SAR) missions for detecting lost persons on remote areas.

SQUAD-SENTINEL is a valuable system to deploy communication networks for Homeland Security and Surveillance applications, and also, on disaster areas such as fires, to support coordination operations and localize the squads.

SDR-ADP is a SDR Advanced Development Platform based on high-performance DSP-FPGA devices, becoming the perfect element to implement telecom, military and aerospace related applications.

AEROMARK, advanced watermarking solution.

What we are looking for:
Our main interest is to contact companies or organizations oriented to:
-Emergency services, since we can offer an advanced aerial system to find lost persons on remote areas, improving the search mission effectiveness.
-Homeland Security and Surveillance, where our product is able to perform detection actions on sensitive areas.
-Fire fighting, offering communication services on areas without coverage, facilitating coordination and squad-locating tasks, thus reducing human risk.

  • Fire Prevention, Detection & Extinction
  • Traffic & Transport Security
  • Natural Risks Control
  • Security against Terrorism
  • Emergencies
  • Defence


Ms Angela Vazquez

Systems Engineer

Mr Gonzalo García-Rayo Reguillos

Business Development Manager
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