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Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja

Raposal Street, 65.
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Company Profile:
The Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja (CTCR) is a non-profitable research and development organization located in Arnedo (La Rioja) and established in 2007. With over 60 associated companies and organizations, CTCR shares know-how and technology, researches and develops topics that are relevant for the sector with the aim of increasing the added value of the products and services leading to an increase in the competitiveness level of the sector.

Photoshot 360

What we offer:
Photoshot 360, a result of CTCR's constant R & D activities, is a key technology to increase business competitiveness, to add value and brand differentiation and to incorporate the development and technological innovation in the product. Photoshot 360 is an innovative technology solution, unique in the world and developed by the Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja, to recreate virtual three-dimensional simulations based on real physical objects. It has been developed under a easy-to-use concept reducing the skills needed by the worker.To this end an autonomous system has been developed which includes the required hardware and software which automatically takes photos of the object, processes the images and assembles them consistently generating a 3D view of the initial product.

What we are looking for:
CTCR is looking for potential industrial or distributor customers of any sector which could be interested in improving its online shop and catalogs by increasing the confidence of the final custormer.


Mr MSE Iñaki Fernández de Gorostiza

Project Manager
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