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Next Limit

Angel Cavero 2
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Company Profile:
Next Limit is a software development company specialized in simulation technologies located in Madrid. Its mission is to provide cutting edge physical simulation technologies as software tools for a broad range of applications in computer graphics, science and engineering. Next Limit boasts a team with expertise in physics, mathematics, computer graphics, engineering and visualization, sharing a common vision for the creation of new products that connect science, simulation and visualization.

Simulation and Visualization Technologies

What we offer:
Next Limit offers its expertise in simulation technologies.
Related to fluid simulation, Next Limit has created two different technologies: RealFlow (tool for creating dramatic, accurate and realistic fluid effects) and XFlow (an accurate fluid simulation tool for engineering and scientific purposes).
Maxwell Render is a rendering technology that enables users to digitally create highly accurate and believable imagery of the real world and produces incredibly realistic illumination.
The combination of fluid and light simulation technologies let Next Limit explore innovative solutions for complex scenarios that involves both concepts like traffic, crowd, optical properties of a tunnel under smoke and fire, terrain flooding, tsunami effects, atmospheric simulation (dust, smoke, gases)...

What we are looking for:
We are looking for collaboration in R&D projects where simulation technologies can fit.

  • Fire Prevention, Detection & Extinction
  • Traffic & Transport Security
  • Natural Risks Control
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Computer Security
  • Security against Terrorism
  • Emergencies
  • Defence


Ms Maria Jose Orellana

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