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C/ Alcalá 20, 4ª planta
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Company Profile:
GAMCO is a Software Manufacturer that generates computer models for prediction,analysis, classification and simulation via the use of historic data and Artificial Intelligence techniques.
GAMCO is in Madrid, it is in operation since 2007 in Spain and Portugal.
GAMCO's software is delivered in diferent ways: SaaS, licences, turnkey projects, ... It is easy to integrate with the clients own system.
The company is participating in several national and international R+D projects.

Behavioural pattern detection and crime prediction.

What we offer:
1. Our area of expertise is Data Mining, Predictive Modeling and Business Analytics.
2. Our product and services are focused in getting self-learning models from historic information. These models are deliver in an easy and flexible way: licences, SaaS, turnkey projects, etc.
3. It can be used for solving complex problems: For the security forces is critical to have powerful tools at their disposal to infer knowledge from their intelligence databases. We are creating predictive models to ascertain which individuals would be most likely to commit certain acts.
4. Our main advantages: dynamic models, Self-Learning: our models can refine themselves, Real-time model execution and update: new data can be simultaneously recorded and integrated, and optimal TCO.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers:
1. Our customers could be consultans and software developers for improving their services and solutions using our technology. Another type of customers are the "final" client: public or private security forces.

2. Our developments could be applied in other security areas: computer security: prevent unauthorized access or fraud in electronic transactions; emergencies: prediction of the next escenario in emergencies or optimizing responses; optimizing the operation of the cash transport.

  • Computer Security
  • Security against Terrorism


Mr Fernando Pavón


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